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Protocol for Random Tests

DISA will mail three items to the participant when it is time for them to test:


  • Cover letter that explains they are required to take a drug test.

  • Testing Authorization Form - the participant will be instructed to take this form with them to the collection site. This form will assist the collection site in knowing what program they are testing for and what chain of custody to use.


The collection site will be instructed to send the MRO copy of the chain of custody to 317-262-2222.


The collection site will ship the specimen directly to the laboratory (Kroll Laboratory Specialists will be the primary SAMHSA certified lab utilized).

The laboratory will report all test results to the MRO.

If there is a non-negative test result, the MRO office will contact the participant directly to discuss the results and arrange for re-testing if necessary (if diluted or for certain cancelled test situations).

If the participant has a violation (verified positive test result or a refusal to test which includes substituted and adulterated specimens), DISA will notify the last known contractor of the participant's status (Not Available).

All test results will be entered into a database and updated card statuses will be sent to SafeSite on a daily basis.


DISA will prepare a $25.00 reimbursement check for any participant who is taking a random test and their results are verified negative. This check will be mailed to the participant.


Protocol for New Participants

  • New participants will be expected to go to their union hall to have their picture taken. The union halls will be taking and submitting pictures through the IUCSAT web site.

  • The union hall will provide the new participant with a Testing Consent and Authorization Form (blank forms will be supplied to all union halls) and a list of collection sites. If the hall does not have a blank form, they can call DISA and request that a form be faxed directly to the collection site.

  • The new participant will go to the collection site and will be collected for their test. The participant will be given a copy of the chain of custody which can be used to show they have been collected for the test.

  • The collection site will send a copy of the chain of custody to DISA and the MRO.

  • DISA can assign a card number as soon as a chain of custody is received. If the participant, union hall, or contractor needs to know the number, they can call DISA to obtain that number.

  • DISA will mail the participant their IUCSAT card after their first verified negative test (for those new to the program).

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