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The Indiana Union Construction Industry Substance Abuse Trust (IUCSAT) is an alliance of labor and management in the union construction industry throughout Indiana.  The purpose of the IUCSAT is to provide a vehicle to help establish and maintain a workplace free of the destructive effects caused by the use of drugs and alcohol.  


IUCSAT recognizes its responsibility to communicate with and educate its participants relative to the policy and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol in our society and workplace. IUCSAT also recognizes the need to provide a program of assistance to those persons for whom drugs or alcohol may be causing problems. Finally, IUCSAT will work to detect those participants who are unable or unwilling to conform to the guidelines outlined in the IUCSAT Drug Testing Program. This program has been established in accordance with federal guidelines for urine collection and confidentiality.


In an effort to address the day-to-day operations of the IUCSAT Substance Abuse Program, IUCSAT has contracted with DISA Global Solutions, Inc. (hereafter "DISA"), an independent corporation with a history of managing drug testing programs, to serve as the program’s Third Party Administrator (hereafter “TPA”). It is the intent of the Indiana Union Construction Industry Substance Abuse Trust to outline the specific duties of the TPA and to govern those activities by serving as advisors to the TPA.


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