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What is Safesite?  It is a database that indicates whether an individual has an *IUCSAT card that is "available" or "not available". "Available" means that the individual is in compliance with the IUCSAT substance abuse program and is available to work. "Not available" means that the individual is NOT in compliance with the IUCSAT substance abuse program and is NOT available to work.


       *IUCSAT has reciprocity with CCS and Safesite is the database that CCS uses
         to verify card status for their program and any programs that have reciprocity.

How do I access Safesite? You must first become a card manager and then you can access SafeSite information by the internet, telephone or e-mail.

How do I become a card manager? You need to fill out an on-line application. Once the CCS office approves your application, you will receive an e-mail which states you have been approved and provides you of your password.​

How do I check a card?

  1. Go to 

  2. Go to the "Login" section

  3. Login using your e-mail (the same one used when you filled out your application) and password

  4. Go to the "Check Cards" section

  5. Enter each card number you want to check. Only list 1 card number per line.

  6. Click on the "Search" button

  7. Results will be displayed at the bottom of the page

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